Matt Bierschbach - Lead Disc Jockey

email: matt@mitdj.com  |  call: 989-560-7593


MATT at Moments in Time DJ did a perfect job at our wedding reception.  All of his song choices were great and he kept the party going all night.  The company has a planner that we filled out ahead of time that helped keep the night running smoothly.  MATT did not have to ask us a bunch of questions throughout the night.  I highly recommend the company if you are getting married in the Grand Rapids/Holland area.

I cannot say enough good about MATT & Moments in Time.  My guests were dancing from 8pm-12:15am, he took requests, called me the week of the wedding, and accommodated everyone.  People told me it was the most fun they have had dancing at a wedding EVER. My husband's parents warned us before the wedding they would probably be the only ones not dancing, it was my father-in-law putting requests in at the end of the night. Unreal. THANK YOU!


(These names have been made up through time for fun purposes)


The Stream


Experience with MITDJ:

Since 2005


July 15th



Beal City, MI


Education/Schools Attended:

Central Michigan University

(B.S. In Education)

Grand Valley State University

(Masters in Education)


Favorite Sports Teams:  

Duke Blue Devils

Michigan State Spartans


Favorite Quote:  

“The best thing a father can do is love their mother”

- John Wooden


Hobbies or Activities:  

Spending time with wife (Becky)

Spending time with kids

Coaching & Playing Basketball

Hanging with friends


What is your favorite part about MITDJ:

The staff at Moments in Time is like a second family to me. We are a close group that would do anything for each other. I have met many interesting people through Moments and Time and I continue to do so each weekend. Celebrating every weekend with a new couple is very exciting. We provide “Entertainment” to hundreds of people every weekend. It’s nice to see people having a great time and knowing that I had something to do with that. I never get tired of hearing people tell me how nice of a job we do at Moments in Time, but it is much more gratifying when I can see it on their faces as they dance and party with their closest friends and family. 

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