Joe Lober - Owner, Manager, & Lead Disc Jockey

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We hired MITDJ for our wedding this month and from day one JOE was wonderful to work with.  I truly enjoyed working with him, it`s always a risk to hire an unknown company from reviews on the internet.  I was instantly put at ease as soon as met him and it was worth taking the chance.  He was very polite and knowledgeable and made the process of hiring a DJ a lot easier than I expected.  The day of our wedding he showed up on time and had everything ready to go with plenty of time to spare.  The music he played was perfect for our style and kept every one moving.  JOE was also very helpful in keeping us on our time line.  With his experience I felt very comfortable taking advice through the night on when to have dances, cake cutting and so on.  He really helped keep the night flowing properly.  I`m really glad we chose to go with MITDJ for our wedding.  I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a fantastic DJ.

JOE was AMAZING!!  In addition to being a genuinely nice guy, he took the time to meet with us in person, followed our planner perfectly, and helped make the reception run so smoothly.  He also kept the party going all night!  Use MITDJ's you won't regret it!!

JOE at moments in time was very fun and easy to work with! After the ceremony, we didn't have to worry about the reception because Joe took over and ran the show for us. I would highly recommend using moments in time!


(These names have been made up through time for fun purposes)

DJ Numerical 

Red Thunder



Experience with MITDJ:  

Since 2004



October 29th



Traverse City, MI 


Education/Schools Attended:

Traverse City High School

Central Michigan University

(B.S. In Education)

Grand Valley State University

(Masters In Media Educational Technology)


Favorite Quote:

"Champions never complain, 

they are too busy getting better"



Favorite Sports Teams:

Michigan State Spartans 

Detroit Lions

Detroit Tigers


Hobbies or Activities:


Playing Drums



Eating Everything

Hanging out with friends and family


What is your favorite part about MITDJ:

The best part of my job is being able to work with the greatest staff and friends! My job is what most people do as a hobby, do in the car, or in their spare time. I get to listen to music. Not only that but I get paid doing it. I also like being able to make my own schedule and spending time with friends and family whenever needed.  I also love the fact that we get to provide a great service for people and show them a great time.  It always feels good when you go away having a huge part of a successful evening!


What is the weirdest moment at a wedding:

“Do you have the Cuban Shuffle? The one that goes to the left to the left, to the right to the right?”  "You mean the Cupid Shuffle" I reply.  Ya that one:)

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