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Senecca Wilson - Lead Disc Jockey

email:  |  call: 616-278-2016



The music was a very important part of our wedding day. It was so important to us that we started looking for a DJ even before I starting looking for a wedding dress. My husband and I love to dance and we wanted to make sure that our guests had an enjoyable night. What stood out with Moments in Time to me is their responsiveness and their willingness to meet with us. Obviously with the music being such an important factor on our special day I wanted to sit down and get a feel for the company and the service would be getting. JOE did a great job at answering all of my questions. He also helped match us with the perfect DJ for us. Before our wedding I wanted to meet the DJ that would be doing our wedding to go over details and they got back to me very quickly and we were able to set up a meeting. SENECCA was our DJ and he did a fantastic job at helping to make the night a fun one for everyone. Our dance floor was packed the whole night!!! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the choice we made with Moments in Time. We would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants professional and great service.


(These names have been made up through time for fun purposes)




Experience with MITDJ:  

Since 2013



July 7th



Saginaw, MI 


Education/Schools Attended:

Saginaw Valley Lutheran

(College Prep)

Delta College


Favorite Foods:

Mexican & Chinese


Favorite Sports Teams:

Michigan Wolverines


Hobbies or Activities:

Making music mixes

The Discovery Channel


What is your favorite part about MITDJ:

Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys