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Moments In Time Disc Jockeys


Nathan Emerson - Lead Disc Jockey

email:  |  call: 616-745-8531




Moments In Time we’re absolutely wonderful to work with! They answered my every question along the way and helped to accommodate so many of my various requests. The music was perfect all night and NATHAN was so communicative with us throughout the whole night as well as leading up to the wedding. I would recommend them to anyone having an event. :)

NATHAN did an amazing job and played all the song requests that we had! He was easy to work with and helped make sure our night was special!

We chose Moments in Time Disc Jockeys for our wedding this November 2023. Our first point of contact was a phone call with Joe who is the owner. He was extremely thorough and helpful with answering questions and walking us through the services they offer and how the booking process would work. They have a ceremony planner (if you’re having them cover the ceremony) and a reception planner. They were very thorough documents which included all of the song choices, announcement that needed to be made, bridal party names, etc that the DJ would need to know. The planner documents really helped making the planning process easy - those were turned in a month early. About a week prior to the wedding they reached out to confirm any final changes to the document/selections/flow of the night. Our DJ with Moments in Time Disc Jockeys was NATHAN. Our first direct contact with him was the day of the wedding. He was so nice and professional. He verified the flow of the day to make sure nothing had changed since the final update to our ceremony and reception planner that we completed. He kept the night moving along smoothly. There were no awkward lulls. Everybody had a great time, he kept music that would keep people out on the dance floor playing. We were thrilled with the flow of the ceremony and reception. Our experience with Moments in Time was great and I would recommend them to anybody.


(These names have been made up through time for fun purposes)



Experience with MITDJ:  

Since 2022



September 27th



Grand Rapids, MI 


Education/Schools Attended:

Northview High School

(College Prep)

Grand Rapids Community College

(Associate Of Music)


Favorite Quote:

"It's only as bad as you want it to be."



Favorite Sports Teams:

Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills

Detroit Pistons

Favorite Movies:

Planet of The Apes

Napoleon Dynamite



Hobbies or Activities:


Listening To Music

Video Games

Collecting Vinyls

Tabletop Games


Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
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